Learn a language
without studying

Research shows you should be watching your favorite movies in a foreign language.
Our app uses movie clips and AI to supercharge your learning.

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Stop Feeling Stupid

Memorizing words and made-up sentences drives most learners to give up and fail. It isn't how you learned your first language.

Memorize Instantly

Your brain remembers things that matter to you. Using stories and characters you already know is the perfect language learning hack.

All Gain, No Pain

Language learning that is as addictive as streaming, so that you’ll stick with it. No more boring content.

Work Smarter

We use AI to make learning much faster than watching movies on your own...with tech developed by linguists from Harvard and Yale.

Authentic Language

Movie dubs are written for, and spoken by, native speakers. Dialogue is culturally adapted to feel authentic to the audience.

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